Destiny & Dominion Bible Training Center (DDBTC) has a primary focus on equipping the individual to be able to provide support to the work of the ministry either inside and or outside of the local church.

The purpose of Destiny & Dominion Bible Training Centre is to prepare men and women by means of academic studies and practical preparation for leadership roles in the local church.

Our Commitment

At Destiny & Dominion Bible Training Center (D&DBTC), we offer:

  • A strong biblical foundation for Christians to gain confidence in their relationship with the Lord.

  • Train and send forth anointed pastors, evangelists, teachers, missionaries, and other Christian workers. (Acts 13:2-3)

  • To assist and encourage you in every way possible in the preparation of your life call.

  • Knowledgeable and anointed teachers that will bring a wealth of experience to each class.

  • A quality, spiritual education that train for service to the Lord at an affordable and moderate tuition fee.

    The three year program of Biblical studies and personal disciplines prepares men and women for Christian ministry and service consistent with the Word of God.

    We are endorsed by Faith Theological Seminary to offer: Diploma of Theology, Associate of Theology, and Advanced Diploma of Theology. 

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