DDBTC President's Message


Dear Student,

As Paul wrote to Timothy in II Timothy 1:6, “to stir up the gift that is in you,” he was acknowledging that Timothy has something on the inside of him. At Destiny & Dominion Bible Training Center, we believe that God has called us to help “stir up” the gift that is inside you as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Through a college education, specifically a Christian Bible College education, you will receive a disciplined approach to learning that will require you to focus more directly on the Word of God. Jesus told us that the Word (also known as “seed”, Luke 8:11) will produce fruit in our lives. The Lord wants each of us to develop “the works that I do,” John 14:12 as the Father sent Him, He sends us.

In the college setting, you will do research to gain a deeper understanding of various sections of the Scriptures and Christian doctrines that will challenge you to do more study on your own. There are opportunities to have greater interaction. A student can ask a question and receive input from, not just instructors, but fellow students as well, which develops a clearer understanding. There is something about this exchange that takes place in the college setting, whereas in church services you cannot.

For those who enroll in our programs, the opportunity to be disciplined to complete your program requirements will add to the blessing that comes from “hungering and thirsting after righteousness” because you will be filled!

In His Name,
Pastor Marcus Martinez President