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About Us


Our Vision


Destiny Kidz is the Children's Ministry at Destiny & Dominion Word Ministries. The vision of our church is to equip the nations to fulfil their God-given destiny. Inline with this vision, our Children Ministry seeks to bring children of all nations and from diverse backgrounds together to be part of the body of Christ.
Our vision is to help each individual child know who he/she is in Jesus Christ and discover his/her God-given destiny. Destiny Kidz…living for God! To effectively achieve this, we equip the children workers and parents to help them exercise their Christian authority and to walk in dominion on this earth. Destiny & Dominion Children Ministry is raising up children to represent God’s dominion on this earth.


Our Goals

    •    Spiritual Growth for the children
    •    Focus on workers development
    •    Collaboration with parents
    •    Reaching out to kids in the community


Our Classes


"Children are a gift from The Lord; they are a reward from Him". Psalm 127:3
​In our Nursery, the children workers minister the love of Christ to babies by praying for them, confessing the Word of God over their lives, feeding them and changing their diapers as needed, and generally providing a safe environment for them throughout the duration of the service. We work with parents to ensure that the physical care their babies receive in the nursery is as close to that of the home environment as much as possible.    


Preschool & Grade Classes
In our Preschool, the curriculum features one lesson for two weeks to ensure thorough learning. The lesson time comprises of learning the memory verse, bible story and personal application through coloring activities, crafts and visual aids at each level.

Services in the Children's Ministry

Though the church Sunday service starts at 10:30am, we have supervised play in the preschool and Before Service Activity in the grade classes between 9:30 am and 10:20 am for children who come early. From 10:30 to about 11am, there is joint worship for the preschool and grade classes. We provide snacks and drinks for the preschool and grade children during the service.
On Wednesdays, we have two classes: one for the preschool and the other for grade school children. In all our services, we lead the children to encounter God in personal and powerful ways. In addition, we encourage them to exercise what they have learned in their daily lives.


Our Celebration Services

Every Sunday at 10:30 am
(0 - 12 years old)
Every Wednesday at 7:00 pm
(2 - 12 years old)


The Children's Celebrations Services are a time where they have a time of worshiping the Lord and they hear the Word of God preached. They learn how to build a personal relationship with God, how to pray effectively, how to walk in faith and discover what's their God-given destiny.


Our Events


Hallelujah Nite

Held on October 31st, this is a night where children can come into a safe environment to have fun, play games, win prizes,  listen and sing along to music,  enjoy lots of candy, and most of all learn about Jesus Christ. Kids are always encouraged to invite their family and friends. If you would like to bless your children, with snacks and candy for Hallelujah Nite, kindly leave your donations in the decorated bin by the Children’s Dept. Thank you.


Other Activities include:

  • Children's Day

  • Christmas Celebration

  • Learn special songs for

  • Pastor Appreciation Day

  • Mother's Day

  • Father's Day

  • Grandparents Day